Indian Institute of Banking & Finance and any of its sponsors, promoters, Greycells as the executing agency of Banking Chanakya-2022 do not assume any responsibility legal, civil, or otherwise for any external factors governing or disrupting hosting of the said event on www.iibfbankingchanakya.com and/or any later rounds on any third-party app. Disruptions caused and/or inability to participate because of any external factors along with older browser, internet-related issues, low network bandwidth or any system configuration, hardware issues, and/or malfunction of any third-party app. is not the responsibility of the promoters or Greycells.
Participation is free of cost and on invitation hence the event will be treated as an outreach program executed on a best effort basis.

All participants must check system viability, network issues, receipt of auto-generated login credentials at their end well in advance. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of candidature and promoters along with their partners will not be responsible for the same